AC Power Sequencing for Audio


Stand Alone Power Sequence Modules. Economical, Reliable and Adaptable to Systems Designs

  • No master controller required.
  • Scalable for very small or very large systems.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reliable.
  • In stock.
  • Available technical support.


All CQ Series products feature a pair or pairs of power outputs which are turned on and off in a predetermined sequence. Equipment to be powered plugs directly into the CQ device. No master control module is needed. All CQ models have the ability to transmit a sequence command to another CQ unit or to receive a remote sequence command from another CQ unit or other command component. In this way, any CQ Series product can be a master or slave unit. (Exception: CQ-1 has no on-board control switch and can't be a master unit.) Building a power sequencing system is as easy as connecting CQ power modules together with RJ45 cable.

The selection of CQ Series models depends on the specific requirements of a particular installation: number and location of circuits, current (amps) requirement of each circuit, number of control locations and number of sequence events. Select only the specific CQ Series products to meet a specific requirement.

Click here to see our Application Notes for examples of various configurations of CQ models in simple or complex power control networks.

CQ series cable is easy to assemble and very similar to standard CAT 5 cable. But, it's not exactly the same. Click here for information about CQ Series cable assembly.