Product Code: TC-1
Call for Price: (713) 772-1404

The TC1 features a superior chassis design which consists of a main "uni-body" in which the front bottom and back are constructed from a single piece. The chassis top is easily removed should service ever be required. Strengthened side mounting brackets are reversable. In one position the front of the unit can be mounted flush with the front of an equipment rack. Or, the brackets can be reversed so the entire TC1 is mounted in front of the rack.

The very shallow, 5" chassis allows room behind the TC1 unit for large cable runs. Ventilation holes have been maximized in the top and bottom of the unit to allow increased convection air flow through the TC1.


Rack Mount Single Rack Space 19" x 1.75"
Dimensions (inches) 1.72H x 19.00W x 5.00D
Main Chassis 0.08 Aluminum, Clear Anodized
Mounting Brackets 0.09 Aluminum, Clear Anodized
Voltage 48VDC or 24VDC Factory Set
Main Internal Bus 10AWG
Fuse Connect Wiring 16AWG
Polarity Positive or Negative
Circuit Breaker Two, 30 Amp, Thermal
Fused Circuits 10 x 2, GMT Type, 15 Amp Max
Power Input Screw Down, Barrel Lug
Power Output Two 10 Position Phillip Screw Terminals
Redundancy Complete Duplication, Side A and Side B
Local Fuse Alarm One LED for Each Side
Remote Fuse Alarm Normally Open and Normally Closed Terminals