Product Code: SRA 20000

Price: $784.00

Line Interactive, Voltage Regulating - 2,000 VA / 1,400 Watt UPS

The SRA Series of battery backup UPS models feature value priced yet feature rich UPS technology incorporating automatic voltage regulation (line interactive) function that preserves battery power and supports sensitive electronic equipment during brown outs. Once incoming voltage drops below operational levels, SRA switches to battery to maintain power continuity. These products also provide 960 Joules of power line surge protection.

Voltage Regulation - provides support during low voltage sags. When utility power ranges between 90 and 150 VAC, voltage output stabilizes between 103 and 136 VAC. 

Line Interactive circuitry monitors the incoming voltage level and routes current through the appropriate taps on a buck/boost transformer to raise or lower output voltage, improving the performance of powered equipment and extending the usable range of the utility power before switching to battery mode.

Emergency Power Off (EPO) - immediately remove power from UPS outlets in case of an emergency.

Hot Swappable Battery Design - ensures uninterrupted performance during battery replacement.

Rack, Tower or Wall Installation - installation options for a variety of power continuity applications.

Easy to View LCD Panel - displays UPS and electric power status. Rotating design can orient the front panel display to suit rack, tower or wall installation. Vaules available on display include: load level, voltage and frequency, UPS status, battery charge level, estimated run time, internal or external fault.

Maintenance Free Batteries - last 3 -  5 years under normal operations and conditions. Replacement batteries are available.