Product Code: PD1B
Call for Price: (713) 772-1404

Juice Goose will assemble a multiple circuit power strip to custom specifications. PD Series products provide large savings opportunties for contractors who need high circuit density inside a single rack. 

The PD1A and PD1B are smaller and less expensive than other power strips with comparable circuit capacity. Juice Goose's quality control and attention to delivery requirements means the right product gets shipped on time. Typical production time is 3 to 5 work days. Shorter lead times are possible as well.

Optional features include number and orientation of circuits, location and length of wire harness and length of conduit. An easy to use order form simplifies product feature selection and pricing.

The PD Series offers a quick and convenient way to get just the power you need for multiple circuit applications. The PD Series is The Power of Choice for multiple circuit power distribution for commercial rack mount equipment.

The PD1B contains six NEMA 5/15-20R duplex receptacles that can be standard or isolated ground ("IG"). Optional features include:

  • Number and orientation of circuits
  • Length of wire harness
  • Location of wire harness
  • Flexible metal conduit
  • SJT power cords
  • Special mounting brackets and hardware