RX Series  RX100-RM


Rack Mounted Connectivity with RX Series Protection
Made in America.

The RX100-RM features the Juice Goose Hybrid Filter Technology to improve electronic performance and protect against dangerous power events on the hot, neutral and ground power leads. 

Features include:

  • 15 Amp Capacity
  • High Voltage Surge Protection
  • High Frequency Normal and Common Mode Noise Filtration
  • Over Voltage Shutdown
  • Protection Against Building Wiring Faults
  • 8 AC Outlets
  • Sturdy, Tour Class (tm) chassis


Juice Goose RX Series power protection technology works against ground line (common mode) as well as hot-neutral (normal mode) surge events. While common mode surges and disturbances don’t typically cause catastrophic damage, they can result in operating failures and improper performance of digital processing equipment. Since a power anomaly of  even 1 or 2 volts on logic ground can cause problems, the RX Series is designed to have a voltage surge  let through of only 0.50 (one half) volt on the ground. 

The Hybrid Filter also protects against more dramatic events. Connected equipment is safe from surges up to 6,000 volts at 3,000 amps between hot and neutral, allowing a maximum 10.0 volt surge let through.  

The RX Series uses a Hybrid Filter Technology that will not contaminate the ground. Instead, it cleans it up.

The Juice Goose RX100-RM has eight 5-15R NEMA receptacles on the back of the chassis. LEDs on the front of the unit indicate active power protection or external wiring fault. The Tour Class (tm) chassis consists of single piece construction for the main chassis and reinforced mounting brackets formed from cold rolled steel.  


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RX100-RM Datasheet
RX100-RM Owners Manual