Power Sequencing and Control  RT-REL


Need a Dry Contact Closure?
Made in America.

Plug the power cord of the RT-REL into a switched AC outlet.
In its unpowered state, there is an internal contact between the C (common) and NC (normally closed) terminals on the unit. When 120VAC power is applied to the power cord, connection is opened between C and NC and closed between C and NO (normally open). 

The RT-REL can be used with any product that needs a contact closure to activate, including the Juice Goose SQ-1500. 
A common application for the RT-REL is to extend the use of a switched electrical outlet on a rack mounted power strip or sequencer or on some other device such as an audio receiver or amplifier. When  plugged  into  the  switched  outlet the RT-REL can close and open a dry contact on the three position terminal strip.


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