Power Sequencing and iP Based Power Control

Juice Goose offers three remote control product series, each designed with specific advantages for different systems installations. The CQ and iP Series are very similar in external design features but  differ internally. The main function of each is to turn AC power on and off with remote access while providing AC line surge protection. Each series has several models with features to provide flexibility in application and user interface.

CQ Series sequencers are designed for installation in a house of worship, school or similar venue where simplicity of installation and operation are required. Linking units together requires no programming or setup. Once a CQ piece is networked with a remote control device or another CQ, timed turn on and turn off is automatic. Installation is plug-and-play easy. Yet, the breadth of CQ model designs makes the series very adaptable to either small or large venues.

iP Series models provide AC power control and monitoring over local, intranet or Internet connections. These units are more sophisticated to allow operation without distance limitation. They're compatible with control systems from Crestron and many other vendors - as well as ad hoc control created using simple RS232 text commands. In addition, each has an on board web server which presents a simple graphical interface using any common web browser.