Commercial and Professional Rack Power Distribution

Juice Goose has built quality AC power distribution products since 1983. We now offer four model series with different features and price points for different applications and different budgets.

JG SERIES models incorporate important features, quality construction and competitive pricing. Select the model for your needs. The JG Junior is the least expensive with 6 outlets on the back. The JG8's include 8 outlets and optional rack lights and voltage meter. The JG11's have extra outlets on the front and back as well as an extra long power cord.

RP SERIES is a return of the professional grade "Rackpower" products that Juice Goose created in the 1980's to support professional touring and studio musicians. The new, updated models still feature the reinforced "Tour Class"(tm) chassis in addition to USB charger ports, LED lighting, a multi function power meter and much more. See the RP100 (without rack lights) and the RP200 (with rack lights). Made in America.