AC Power Surge Protection and Filtration

RX Series Power Conditioning

AC power conditioning removes surge and spike hazards and contamination that can damage, degrade and disrupt performance of electrical and electronic equipment, including switchers and digital signal processors.

Such power disturbances are present in two general categories with respect to the AC power line. Normal Mode refers to any current between line (hot) and neutral. That circuit is most prone to conducting damaging high voltage surge transients from lightning or man made sources. Common mode relates to any current on the ground (i.e. between safety ground and line or neutral). 

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Isolation Grade Performance

American made and patented technology in the Juice Goose RX Series provides exceptional protection against power surges on hot, neutral and ground. Common mode (ground) power surges are limited to 0.50 volts. Normal mode (line) surges are limited to 10.0 volts. In addition, RX Series circuitry provides filtration against EMI and RFI interference, reducing AC "noise" by 60 dB to 80 dB. At the same time, connected equipment is protected from over voltages and in-wall wiring faults.


Proven Results

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