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PD 3

Custom assembled PD Series products provide convenient and economical alternatives to audio video integrators who need high circuit density inside an electronic equipment rack. The versatile PD3 can include either duplex or twist lock receptacles in either 20 amp or 30 amp design.

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PD3 Custom 14 Outlet Power Distribution

The PD3 has more circuits and more options than other PD Series models. It contains fourteen AC receptacle positions that can be configured into a large number of multiple circuit designs using standard 20 amp duplex receptacles (NEMA 5/15-20R), 30 amp twist locks (NEMA L5-30R) or other comparable connectors.

Each PD-3 is assembled to the specifications determined by the customer. The number of circuits and the receptacles connected to each circuit are determined by the requirements of each project. The wire harness may exit the top or bottom of the chassis. All wires are labeled as to their particular circuit connection as are all AC receptacles.

The locations of the two side mounting brackets can be changed to any of the 9 threaded locations on the back of the chassis. Chassis depth is limited to 2 1/8 inches in order to provide space for rack mounted equipment.

The PD-3 is a quick delivery, custom configured product. It is assembled to individual specifications. Yet, standard lead time is short.

The PD3 has fourteen receptacle positions that can house 20 or 30 amp rated connectors, either standard or isolated ground types ("IG"). Optional features include:

  • Number and orientation of circuits
  • Length of wire harness
  • Location of wire harness
  • Flexible metal conduit
  • SJT power cords
  • Special mounting brackets and hardware


Commercial Product Pricing Policy

The Juice Goose line of commercial power distribution products are sold primarily for installation by professional contractors in the commercial audio and video industries. For this reason, retail prices are not published for these items. For additional information on the cost of the PD line, please consult your contractor or contact us for referral to an authorized reseller.

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