Lightning Protection for Signal Lines

Equipment installed outdoors and the cables that reach them can become effective conductors for surge energy produced from nearby lightning. Lightning need not make a direct strike to be destructive. Energy pulses induced into conductors during a lightning storm can cause significant damage to electronic gear.

Audio and data line surge protectors from Juice Goose can protect head end and remote equipment such as speakers, AV processors and amplifiers. Protection is available for either analog or digital components.

Audio Lines
Outdoor audio lines can conduct power surges which damage speakers as well as signal source equipment and amplifiers. Certainly, a direct lightning strike to a speaker will be fatal for that speaker. But, lightning hitting any object nearby can induce an electromagnetic pulse into a speaker lead which will then seek ground through any path. Audio equipment on that path will be damaged. LA Series surge protectors conduct those surges to ground without touching connected equipment. (Note: The LA Series components were previously labeled as PHC Series.)

Data Lines
Data lines are conductors. Long runs of cable can become antennas for induced power surges from nearby lightning strikes. At risk are any equipment such as HDMI extenders. The Juice Goose LD-75 operates at data rates up to HDBaseT and voltages up to POE levels. With a connection to ground, this device safely diverts surges away from sensitive electronic equipment.